Create the Conversation

Mobile Connect is the only mobile marketing software specifically designed to increase customer interaction. Don’t just send text messages and coupons; create and track intuitive campaigns in real time from one platform. By using Mobile Connect’s unique features separately or in conjunction, create customer interaction and drive sales.


Stand out with SMS messaging. More effective than email, SMS provides your business a voice to be heard amongst the masses. With curated content options directed at your target auidence, your business will deliver a message that your guests will listen to and want to share. 


Get To Know Your Customer

With promotion tracking and redemption reporting, learn what drives your guests. Enable your business to craft the perfect incentive. 

Customized Promotions

Generate promotions and messages based on different players club tier levels, days of the week, locations, or whatever suits your business needs. Create a series of events in one campaign, triggering bonus offers for new opt-ins to be sent at a later time.